The name Barney has always been my nickname with my family.  I always dreamed of owning a sweet shop as a child and as i got older a cafe called BARNEYS. I’ve always visualised this dream, and shared my vision with Dean. We both turned 50 and we had the attitude that life is too short and you can’t live by regrets. Karla, our daughter has a beauty business in Burnham and one of her clients mentioned she had an empty shop which was a cafe. We went to view it and it just felt right, so we took the plunge. We both gave our jobs up as it was also our dream to work together, and we knew it was the only way BARNEYS would work. Dean and I bounce of each other and it is our dream come true in many ways.

It took us two and a half months to completely renovate the space. We put our hearts and soul’s into it and it really has been made with love. The rest is history.

Our menu, decor and everything about BARNEYS has been created by Dean and I, we are so so proud to finally be living our dream. We know it’s hard work, long hours, no days off as such and paying off a lot of bills but with our family behind us we are determined to succeed. We have a large family between us and are used to feeding the masses, so running a cafe is perfect.

We describe BARNEYS as a modern but traditional cafe with a happy, positive vibe. Our menu reflects us with homemade Sunday roasts, cooked breakfast, great paninis, and tasty sandwiches. Not to mention our fabulous homemade cakes too.


Claire & Dean

Private Dining

We have a fabulous private dining space to hire for all sorts of occasions, from baby showers to birthdays! Contact us for availability

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